The 30th edition of "Città di Cantù" COMPETITION has just ended.

The 30th edition of the International Piano and Orchestra Competition "Città di Cantù" has just ended.
It was a painful edition that began in the first months of 2020 with the participation of 90 competitors from all over the world. For the first time it was decided to hold the first selection test without the second pianist as always established but through the selection of videos sent from competitors. The jury of the Competition had selected 30 contestants, 15 for classical concerts and 15 for romantic concerts, to be admitted to the semifinal tests directly with orchestra.
But at the beginning of March, everything was blocked due to the pandemic situation. We then have foreseen alternative dates which unfortunately had to be postponed.
Finally it was possible to hold the competition from 3rd to 7th May with 23 pianists (15 for the classic section and 8 for the romantic section), carefully selected and coming from the most important schools in the world, compared to the 30 expected because some competitors, especially from Russia and China, could not participate both for visa reasons and for the very high costs of air transport.
An edition in the name of perseverance. The wish to continue has been greater than the obstacles encountered in these long two years.
Since 30 years, Philharmonic Orchestra "Mihail Jora" of Bacau honours us with his presence and accompanies pianists. The conductor is Maestro Ovidiu Balan, who among the awards has received the honorary citizenship from Città di Cantù and from City of Bacau.
The International Competition "Città di Cantù", despite its thirty years of life, has represented once again a novelty in the world music scene thanks to its renewed and innovative formula.